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At Kirk Bonds Insurance, we’ve given Aledo home insurance quotes for more than 40 years. As you might expect, we get a ton of questions from our clients, which we’re always more than happy to answer. There are some companies that will be glad to provide home insurance quotes in Aledo TX, but they would rather not take the time to explain what those quotes really mean. We’ve never been like that, and we never will be like that. Here are the answers to just a few of the questions we receive on a regular basis.


What Are Some Common Exclusions from Insurance Policies?

When you receive Aledo home insurance quotes, it will be just as important to know what isn’t covered as it will be to know what is covered. Typical policies won’t cover things like water leaks due to plumbing problems, or any sort of flooding damage, for that matter. You would have to buy a separate policy for flood damage.


How Will I Get Money for My Personal Property if There’s a Fire?

The home insurance quotes in Aledo TX you receive will include personal property coverage. However, if your possessions are destroyed, you’ll need to show proof that you owned them when the loss occurred. That’s why it will always be a good idea to keep an updated inventory in a safe spot in your home. Also, take pictures and videos of what’s in every room of your home.


Will My Homeowners Insurance Cover Boat Damage?

If your boat is damaged or stolen when it’s away from your property, then you will probably not be covered. You’ll need to purchase a separate policy for your boat, or any other type of watercraft you may have.


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