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When it comes to Aledo homeowners insurance, no one does it better than the experienced professionals with Kirk Bonds Insurance. We’ve sold homeowners insurance in Aledo TX for more than four decades. You don’t stay in business that long without doing a lot of things right. We don’t just sell policies – we make sure our clients get what they need. Our experts are passionate about total client satisfaction, and we’ll always be here to answer your questions, or to help in any way we can.


Credit Scores and Home Insurance

You might not know that your credit score can have a major impact on how much you’ll pay for Aledo homeowners insurance, especially if you haven’t purchased a policy before. Different insurers treat credit scores differently, but in general they base rates on several different factors. They look at certain components of a client’s score, such as their payment history, the length of their credit history, outstanding debt and others.

People who have higher credit scores will typically pay less for homeowners insurance in Aledo TX than those whose scores are lower. One of the main reasons is that insurance companies typically look at people with lower scores as higher risks – rightly or wrongly. Insurance rates usually don’t differ that much for those with average or excellent scores. But those in the “poor” range, 580 or lower, can have a major impact.

There are quite a few things you can do to raise your credit number, and potentially qualify for more affordable homeowners insurance in Aledo TX as a result. The most important one will be to pay down as many credit cards as you can, and reduce your debt-to-income ratio. You should also check your reports from all the major credit bureaus to make sure there aren’t any mistakes. If there are, you’ll need to tell those bureaus immediately.


Turn to the Experts

At Kirk Bonds Insurance, we’ll always work to find you the lowest Aledo homeowners insurance rates, regardless of your credit score. For more information, contact us online or call (817) 232-1511.

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