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    If you’re like most people looking into Benbrook homeowners insurance, the first thing you’re going to want to know will be how much a new policy will cost. There are actually a lot of factors that help determine what you’ll pay. You should pay attention to all of them before you purchase new homeowners insurance in Benbrook TX. The professionals with Kirk Bonds Insurance can help. We’ll look at all of your options, and then help you make the best choice.


    What’s an Attractive Nuisance, and How Can it Affect Your Costs?

    There are a lot of things about Benbrook homeowners insurance that people don’t realize. One of them is the “attractive nuisance,” which is something that could have a substantial impact on the cost of your homeowners insurance in Benbrook TX.

    Basically, it’s something that someone on your property could find attractive. It could be a trampoline, a swimming pool, a dirt bike, or one of a number of different things. It’s not clear why it’s called a nuisance, but it’s really something you’ll need to pay attention to when you’re purchasing a new policy.

    These are some examples of attractive nuisances, and the impact they could have on your rate.

    • A tree house is an attractive nuisance. If you built one for your kids, it could make your rate go higher. The reason is that it sits high above the ground, of course, and that means it poses a risk for a potentially serious accident.
    • The same thing goes for a trampoline on your property. Since hundreds of thousands of people across the country get hurt on trampolines each year, insurance companies are really worried about them. That could result in you having to pay more for homeowners insurance in Benbrook TX.
    • Swimming pools, of course, fall into the same category. They’re obviously awesome, but they can, unfortunately, be dangerous in some circumstances. Some insurance companies won’t even cover homes with pools unless they’re secured with child-proof fences.

    If you want to learn more about attractive nuisances or any other components of Benbrook homeowners insurance policies, call Kirk Bonds Insurance at (817) 232-1511 or use our online form.


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