Decatur Auto Insurance Companies

Have you found that researching Decatur auto Insurance companies is taking the better part of your day? You want the best possible deal, of course, but if it consumes too much of your time, is it really worth the effort? Kirk Bonds Insurance can save you that effort. We’ll research auto insurance companies in Decatur TX for you, and relieve you of that burden. There are a lot of ways we stand out, but this could be the most important one.


Determining the Best Coverage

When you work with Kirk Bonds Insurance, you’ll quickly learn what makes us stand out from other Decatur auto Insurance companies. We take the time to thoroughly explain all of our clients’ options, and then recommend the companies that offer the best coverage and rates. If you’ve looked into auto Insurance companies in Decatur TX on your own, there are a few different kinds of coverage that you might want to learn more about – such as the following.

  • MedPay/PIP – MedPay (medical pay) and PIP (personal injury protection) coverage might seem similar, but there are major differences. The biggest is that MedPay will only cover medical bills. PIP, on the other hand, will also pay for lost wages and other expenses, in addition to medical expenses.
  • Comprehensive/collision – This coverage will take care of any auto repairs should you be in an accident. There are, however, some instances where auto Insurance companies in Decatur TX will say that a vehicle is a total loss. This will be because the cost to fix the vehicle is more than it’s worth.
  • Liability – This only covers property damage and medical bills if you cause an accident that results in an injury.


We Truly Care

At Kirk Bonds Insurance, we’re different from a lot of Decatur auto Insurance companies. While we want to make a profit like any other business, we won’t do it at the expense of our clients. We’ll always make sure you truly understand your options, and we’ll also act in your best interests at all times. Please contact us online or call (817) 232-1511 for more information.

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