Keller Commercial Auto Insurance

You might be surprised at how many business owners assume they can get along without Keller commercial auto insurance. They assume that the policy that covers their personal car will take care of any kind of damage or injuries if something unfortunate happens. But then they receive an incredibly unpleasant surprise when a wreck occurs. Because they failed to get commercial auto insurance in Keller TX, they have to pay out of pocket. Don’t let this happen to you – talk to an agent with Kirk Bonds Insurance as soon as you can.


What You Need to Know About Commercial Auto Insurance in Keller TX

There can be some complexities involved in purchasing Keller commercial auto insurance. For example, the phrase “commercial vehicle” can mean different things to different insurers. Most of the time, commercial vehicles are cars, trucks or other vehicles that transport goods for money. Say you’re using your truck for your landscaping company. Or you own a restaurant and your employees use your car to deliver food.

If either of those apply to you, or you use your vehicle for any other business purpose, you seriously need to consider commercial auto insurance in Keller TX. This type of insurance offers coverage that isn’t available in the average personal vehicle policy. It also offers higher liability limits.

There are several different types of commercial auto insurance in Keller TX, so you have plenty of options. You could add those delivery drivers to your commercial policy – you couldn’t do that with a regular policy. Suppose you use a trailer to haul goods but you don’t own it. Your commercial policy could cover that as well. If you use that trailer to hire special equipment, you could get coverage to protect both the trailer and whatever you’re hauling.


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