North Richland Hills Home Insurance Quotes

There are some companies that will be happy to provide North Richland Hills home insurance quotes, but won’t bother to provide a lot of details when it comes to coverage. But Kirk Bonds Insurance isn’t like that. We care about our clients, and want them to be as well informed as possible. That’s why we spell out exactly what our customers will be purchasing when we give home insurance quotes in North Richland Hills TX.


The Basics of Home Insurance Coverage

What good is it to receive North Richland Hills home insurance quotes when they don’t come with the information it takes to make you confident you’re choosing the right policy? When you get home insurance quotes in North Richland Hills TX, you should really consider asking questions so you’ll know what you’ll be getting.

In a nutshell, here’s a quick look at what’s covered by the typical home insurance policy.

  • Dwelling insurance is a staple of all policies, so it will be included in the home insurance quotes in North Richland Hills TX you receive. If your home is damaged or destroyed due a disaster like a lightning strike, hail, wind or a fire, your dwelling coverage will pay for repairs or a replacement. If you want flood coverage, however, that will take a separate policy.
  • Do you have any other structures on your property, such as a garage, a shed or a barn? Then your policy will typically cover these as well. In most cases, “other structure” coverage will be about 10 percent of your dwelling coverage. If need be, however, you can buy extra coverage.
  • Dwelling coverage only covers your home’s structure. If you want your possessions covered as well, that’s where personal property coverage comes in. This means everything in your home, your appliances, televisions, furniture, etc. The limit of your personal property coverage will typically be about 50-70 percent that of your dwelling coverage. There are other types of policies that can cover your more valuable possessions, such as paintings, collectibles and jewelry.

If you’re tired of not getting the information you need when you receive North Richland Hills home insurance quotes, contact Kirk Bonds Insurance online or call (817) 232-1511.


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