Ponder Home Insurance Quotes

When you receive Ponder home insurance quotes, always read the fine print. When people purchase policies after receiving extremely low home insurance quotes in Ponder TX, they often get some unpleasant surprises when they need to make a claim. They find that cut-rate insurance doesn’t provide the coverage they expected. You won’t have to ever deal with any of that nonsense when you work with Kirk Bonds Insurance. When we give you a quote, we’ll also tell you what’s covered and what’s not covered.


Will My Insurance Cover Mold?

This is one of the most important questions you should ask whenever any insurers give you Ponder home insurance quotes. There are some cases where mold will be covered, and others where it won’t. In most cases, homeowners will have to pay for mold remediation out of their pocket. The reason is that mold is usually something that occurs gradually, often because of a plumbing link or some other issue that the homeowner failed to address through regular maintenance.

If you get home insurance quotes in Ponder TX that are much lower than you expected, that might be because the policy doesn’t include an add-on for mold coverage. Most insurers won’t even mention add-ons, but we’ll be happy to tell you about them when you turn to Kirk Bonds Insurance.

This isn’t meant to suggest that home insurance quotes in Ponder TX never include mold coverage. If something suddenly happens that leads to mold accumulation, such as a ruptured hot water heater, you might be covered. The same may apply if your washing machine, one that never had any mechanical problems in the past, develops a leak that leads to mold. Also, if your home has a fire and mold develops after that fire is extinguished, your policy might pay for remediation.


Making the Complex Simple

As you can see, there can be some complexities associated with Ponder home insurance quotes. But at Kirk Bonds Insurance, we make things nice and easy. Find out for yourself by calling (817) 232-1511 or contacting us online.

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